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24-Hour Hope Now Hotline:

(502) 589-4313
or 1-800-221-0446

To Make A First Appointment Call:

(502) 589-1100
or 1-800-264-8799

Deaf and Hard of Hearing, click here

 24 Hour Child Crisis

(502) 589-8070

Resources Assessment

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Emergencies happen; it’s just a fact of life. One day, everything seems fine and the next, it isn’t. Seven Counties has several ways we can help you weather an emergency.


Hope Now Hotline

Hope Now HotlineIf you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis, call our Hope Now Hotline℠ at 589-4313 or 1-877-589-4259. Trained counselors are available all day, every day, to help you deal with any crisis affecting your life.


Teens are encouraged to call the WAVE3 “It’s Your Life” Helpline at 589-8727 or 1-866-589-8727 (Verizon wireless users dial #03), where teens can get answers to their questions or just talk with someone.


Don’t know who to call for general information? Call Metro United Way's 211 line. They can provide you with the names/numbers of other resources in the community for nearly every non-crisis need.


Acute Child Psychiatry Service


If your child is experiencing an emotional crisis, please call Seven Counties’ Acute Child Psychiatry Service at 589-8070 or 1-800-432-4510 any time of the day or night. We can arrange for an assessment – within hours – for your child (even if you live in one of the rural counties served by Seven Counties) to determine what services might be needed. We have services designed to keep your child safe and out of the hospital or, if we think hospitalization is needed, we’ll help you arrange it.


Emergency Psychiatry Services


Thoughtful older manLocated at 530 South Jackson, in University Hospital, Emergency Psychiatry Services (EPS) are available 24/7 for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. Just go to the hospital emergency room (or, if you need directions or more information, call 502-562-3120) and specially-trained social workers and University Hospital doctors will work with you and your family to stabilize the emergency and refer you or a family member to outpatient services at Seven Counties or another community provider.