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Family and Children Mental Health

Mental Health Services for Families, Children and Teens

Services for children and families are offered in an outpatient setting in one of our offices - see below - or community-based settings - click here - in your child's school or, depending on the issues which need to be addressed, perhaps in your own home. Young boy with glasses giving the thumbs up

A young man who was referred from his middle school for truancy and behavioral issues has shown significant improvement since receiving services. The student had previously been described by one school staff member as “one of the most difficult children to be around in the school”.  This same individual now says that the work Seven Counties did with the youngster was “a miracle”, as the child has become a “gentleman” and “one of my favorite students”. 

If you think your child might benefit from mental health outpatient counseling, you’ve come to the right place! Seven Counties offers many treatment services, all designed to help children maximize their potential, do well in school, form healthy relationships, and improve family interactions.

Please call our Access Center at 589-1100 or 1-800-264-8799 to make the first appointment.

Walk-in outpatient appointments are available:

In Jefferson County:

914 East Broadway, 2nd Fl
Louisville, Kentucky 40204  

2225 West Broadway
Louisville, Kentucky 40211

9702 Stonestreet Rd, #110
Louisville, Kentucky 40272

In Bullitt County: 

Joe B. Hall Avenue
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165


In Henry, Oldham or Trimble:

230 Spencer Court
LaGrange, Kentucky 40031


In Shelby County: 

250 Alpine Drive
Shelbyville, Kentucky 40066


Seven Counties Offers Community-Based Services

What are Community-Based Services?

Simply put, community-based services are services provided on location in the community, usually at home or in a school. These natural settings are ideal for helping families create effective, practical solutions for the real-life challenges they face. Community-based services work to create change for families on several levels. Therapists are trained to identify the family’s issues and how those issues can be addressed with the entire family. Members of the community-based services team are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they can respond to family needs any time of the day. 


Goals for community-based services are developed with family members to improve family functioning, reduce family conflict, increase compliance with household and community rules, reduce risk behavior, improve decision-making skills, increase positive parenting strategies, and connect to community resources. Overall, these services provide families with structured and timely assistance that immediately addresses their issues and results in positive change quickly.


Who Does Community-Based Services Serve?

Community-based services provide assistance to children and their families in Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble counties in Kentucky. Members of the community-based service team are specially-trained to assist people in:

·        reducing family conflict

·        increasing familial bonds

·        addressing behavioral concerns

·        improve positive parenting approaches

·        reducing truancy and other educational issues

·        accessing community resources

·        attending to early childhood issues

·        treating spectrum diagnoses (such as autism)

·        addressing co-occurring mental health and substance use issues

·        assisting moms with from perinatal depression

How Can I Receive or Make a Referral For Community-Based Services?

If you would like to receive community-based services, or if you work for an organization which sees families struggling, please contact Seven Counties Services to start working together to make a difference.


CLICK HERE to download and complete a GAINSS Referral Form. Fax completed form to (502) 562-5691


To receive more information or to access these services, please call 589-8070, or email by clicking